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 Dec 27 2009 

 Palmyra - Source of Inspiration for Seekers of Architectural Mysteries

Syria (Palmyra) Taken in by the legendary beauty and great fame of Queen Zenobia, dozens of travelers, men of letters, artists, researchers and archaeologists from all over the world venture to visit Palmyra to admire the splendor of its architect and grandeur of its archeology.

Director of the Berlin Institute for Culture Karina Klok, also enchanted by the beauty of Palmyra, came to figure out the mysteries and philosophy of the art of sculpture and ornamentation of Palmyra.

Specialist in world cultures and holy religions, Klok explained that a merge of civilizations occurred in Palmyra, at the center of ancient world trade routes, where cultures of the countries along the Silk Road blended together, from China to India and through Bilad al-Sham (Greater Syria) on the Mediterranean to Central Europe.

Klok is working on surveying the inscriptions engraved on the temples' walls and pillars written in the Greek, Palmyran and Arabic languages, over two thousand years B.C.

She told Syrian reporters that she is in the process of producing a book on Zenobia.

Klok could not help but express high admiration for the "Queen of the East" Zenobia, who, she said, was renowned not only for its chivalry and bravery as a warrior, but also for its education and knowledge of languages at the time, surrounding herself by a wide range of thinkers, scientists and philosophers.

She also voiced admiration of the great gallery for fine arts Palmyra has turned into attracting foreign artists from all over the world, describing the Palmyran artistic tent erected in the heart of the oasis of palms and olive trees as an artistic heaven abolishing borders between cultures.  SANA)


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